Property & Construction

Parker Randall LLP is active in property matters for both the public and private sectors. We provide a wide variety of services encompassing audit, accounting, tax advice, corporate finance, corporate restructuring and consulting. By working with a number of third parties we can extend the range of solutions we offer to the property and construction sectors very widely.

The property and construction sector continues to develop to meet the needs of customers and the environment. There has been a noticeable movement towards niche and specialist services, with businesses focusing on their core competences. This, coupled with the ongoing success of PFIs, has led to more joint ventures and project-based work.

We know this because we’re there, providing integrated solutions to property developers, investors and other sector specialists. We advise a significant portfolio of clients operating in both the UK and international property markets.

Our clients include:

  • property investment and development companies, with interests in office, retail, commercial, residential and leisure.
  • construction companies
  • private property investors
  • overseas investors
  • closed end investment funds
  • open-end investment funds
  • UK Commercial investments
  • UK Residential investments